Top 10 Not So Famous But Handsome Hollywood Actors

Hollywood may get even more spirited when it about their male actors. Lots of the films center the male actor so the best option has to be created when it is about casting the male lead. There are great personality and handsome actors that cannot find fame.

Here are the 10 Hollywood actors whom are really handsome but couldn’t get the fame:

10. Johnny Messner

Johnny stayed in Europe for about 13 years since his father served in US Air Force where he developed his interest in sports during his playing on crowds at those military bases. Possibly that is where he obtained his develop and endured his personality. This 47-year-old actor was famous for his performances in some movies and TV series.

9. Brandon Routh

He is a previous fashion model who matured in Iowa just before transferring to LA to pursue his acting career. Routh modeled so he can pay his tuition fees at University of Iowa and has been aspired to be a writer during that time. His best recognition came in the titular superhero in the movie Superman Returns in 2006 and this is due to his physical resemblance with actor Christopher Reeve, the former Superman.

8. Cam Gigandet

Cam can be recalled from Twilight series, Pandorum and the problem with his role was that he was not the major actor though his movies were all good ones. Cam had a black belt at Krav Maga and had a son and two daughters with Dominique Geisendorff.

7. Charlie David

His real name is Charles David Lubiniecki and he is 36-year-old Canadian writer, director, producer and actor. He is famous for his male lead in one LGBT horror series. He is also the co-owner of the Border2Border Amusement along with Linda Carter and Derek James.

6. Thierry Neuvic

Thierry Neuvic 46-year-old actor is a French male that starred in over 50 TV shows and movies since 1996, but still very less are recognizable with his name. The movie Code Unknown has been chosen in the Cannes Film Festival in 2000.

5. Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer is an American actor that made his TV debut in 2001 in Guiding Light. He has been noticed in his NBC TV series role as Chuck. He played also as the lead con-artist and also a thief in the US Network series of White Collar that aired from 2009-2014.

4. Johann Urb

He is an Estonian but born American producer and actor and became a model during his early days. He had the small portion in Zoolander the movie in 2001. Johann also had some TV roles a roles and his filmography isn’t as good looking like he is in person.

3. Scott Adkins

He is an English martial artist and actor. He became famous in playing a Russian jailed fighter Yuri Boyka from the movie Undisputed II: The Last Man Standing in 2006 with its sequels. Scott is also famous with lots of his very nice side roles. His first breakthrough from the Hong Kong based of martial arts mmovie where Adkins locate himself working alongside with some of the leading action directors.

2. Daniel Cudmore

This Canadian stuntman and actor had lesser lead roles and more noticeable side roles. He also made an audition for the past Superman Returns role but lost to Brandon Routh, while he rejected the movie Deadpool when it was relayed to him that he will be dubbed by another actor in 2015.

1. David Chokachi

This 49-year-old American TV and movie actor has graduated from Bates College at Lewiston with his political science course. His mother is one Finish and his father is one Iraqi Turk and this blood mixture and genes able him to become one handsome man. He is famous for some of his TV series.

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